“My life’s mission is to inspire and to empower…”

Armed with this calling and her gift for design, Creative Director and MoneyGraphics CEO/Founder, Lindsey “Money” Parks has built a solid reputation within various industries as the go-to for all branding visuals.

Starting her journey only 3 years ago, when she left her life in corporate America equipped with only God given talent, a dream and belief in herself, Lindsey set out to impact the way urban entertainment and small businesses viewed graphic design, while also raising the bar for branding standards within both groups.  Fast forward to 2015, and Parks has built an award winning design firm, with a high profile client list comprised of brands within the sports, film/TV, music, government, entertainment, non-profit and lifestyle worlds.

From business cards to complete brand overhauls – and everything in between, to date MoneyGraphics has worked with an array of recognizable names including Kevin Hart’s HartBeat Weekend, Shoot Basketball Not People, Moreno BHLV, The Jamie Foxx Foundation, Under Armor, Africa 2.0, Raekwon, The Purple Tape Files Documentary, Sundance Film Festival’s Indie Filmmakers Lounge, and Nelly.  Never too far from her purpose, her agency consistently donates design hours to non-profits and small businesses seeking to better the world. 


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Born and raised in Calhoun, Missouri, Lindsey would hone her skills as both a dreamer and artist plotting her escape from her small town existence.  “Even as a child I knew I didn’t want to end up in Calhoun.  I wanted to see what the world had to offer,” she explains.  The future graphic designer spent her free time working on anything that she felt would provide means for her to experience life on her terms.  “Growing up I was always drawing, writing, really anything that I felt would take me away from Calhoun. When I think back on it, each creative activity was its own escape.”   

Lindsey participated in several creative activities during high school, including videography for a small news channel, before venturing off to college in Parkville, MO, where she majored in Communications.  She would eventually transfer to the University of Missouri in Columbia to study Education. In April 2007, local musician and friend Aron Bino asked Lindsey to design his album cover. The simple design job lit the fuse that sparked Lindsey’s interest in pursuing graphic artistry as a career. She soon taught herself to use Photoshop and a brand was born.

Although it took years for her innate talent to surface, Lindsey successfully turned a childhood hobby into a thriving career that she and her family are proud of. “My career is definitely a source of pride,” she exclaims.  I’m proud of both my company, for contributing to the growth of brands, and also my clients, for pursing their dreams,” she explains.    

From color selection, to arrangements of key photo elements, Lindsey’s instinct for graphic design keeps her work queue, and life, filled with interesting people and projects.  This self-taught artist has an uncanny ability to conceive designs and brand nuances from client consultations, a gift she doesn’t take for granted.  “My father always told me to find something I was good at that I could make money doing. I found graphic design and graphic arts six months after he passes away, and finally understood exactly what he was talking about.”

As she continues to propel brands forward with her talent, only time will tell the life Lindsey will ultimately design.  Ever the artist, she is currently working on an art installation, in the pre-production stages for a documentary, and working on a book.  

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